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Revisiting Natasha van Bentum's early "Venture Philanthropy Guide" of 2002 - PDF of former site



" is a navigational map which charts the Who, What,

Why, When and Where to the world of venture philanthropy."  2002


Almost 20 years ago, I put together a portal site to the world of venture philanthropy, a relatively unknown realm at that time.  Charity Village kindly hosted the site on their website for several years.  


Here is a PDF of the site, from 2002 (please click on link below).  Likely most of the links provided will no longer be active,  however it is being provided here as an archival document about the early days of venture philanthropy resources.


At the time "Venture Philanthropy Guide" was active, it received a positive reception within the social entrepreneurship community, and was an eye-opener to those in the mainstream philanthropy sector.  As well, Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge featured it as 'website of the month', and the site was included in the syllabus of a few business schools.


Natasha van Bentum





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